Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Highlights, Lowlights, Obesession & Bra-less

Happy New Year!

We did our Highlights and Lowlights of 2013, it seems very short this last year - very busy, a lot of experimenting, set backs and successes. I am happy to let go of 13 and stand tall for 14.

I had to post this new, old project again, sorry about that. But the bra issue is a very important one to me and I think I might have solved it, but I cannot promise not to continue to experiment in this matter. 

No impact fashion means that I do not feel what I am wearing. The first time I noticed the opposite was when I felt sick of wearing jeans as they squeezed my tummy. Not only that but I found the seams bulky and painful on the body. I could continue with shoes and so on... My conclusion is I do not want to feel anything I am wearing at all. Fashion should gently sculpt around me and support my body if required and look good, preferably in an organic Cotton or Bamboo Jersey.

So the bra saga needed to be continued, as the last one, the bratank could not maintain position while exercising. To solve this is quite a task as I still refuse to use an elastic band to hold the position. I tried darts but apart from not doing anything they disturb the simpleness and do not add to good looks.

So this approach is completely different. The straps are cut in an angle and I subtracted the darts that would be in the front on the sides and additionally also on the back which gives this Hand stitched bra-less a strong V-shape. The length is the middle way between bra and bratank, long enough to include strong movement. 
The V acts as elastic band as the slight tension helps keeping the position. Still only one seam at the back, I decided to fold the hem over instead of adding it in form of a strip of Jersey.

Much more sophisticated but also simpler than all versions prior to this one, this bra-less is in test phase and feels perfect. As I said, I might not end my bra journey here but this is it for this Year.

Happy New Year, thanks for reading, supporting and participating.

Saturday, 21 December 2013

New & Merry

An early Christmas Treat and Best Wishes!

The Year is almost over and I am very excited what the New one will bring. It seems already busy and full of challenges. But this is for a new blog post.

For now I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I thought it is time to treat myself to a new Yoga Mat after 15 years. It seems it starts a whole new chapter.


Thursday, 19 December 2013

Bob and the hooded Tunic

I probably should be stressing about ...

It is all a bit hectic and busy. If I could I would be on a sunny warm island, watching the kids dig in the sand right now. 

Off school, Birthdays, Christmas and little parties are making december an interesting month. I am very busy but not very christmas-y so I just do all I need to do and try to take one step at the time. Before diving into some child-minding days I had one working day to myself and was very successful.

I avoided to get to town to get the fabric that I had in mind. So instead of using a fleece and creating a winter tunic that includes a hoodie to warm my head instead of a hat I found some very nice wool-mix in midnight blue in one of my boxes. I don't know why hoodies are on my mind at the moment but I guess it is the desire to hibernate and some japanese influence.

I can wear this lighter version with layers and probably all year round. The hood is disguised in a scarf and still warms my head in this freezing weather. This Hand stitched Tunic is made out of one piece and the hood. Slightly V-shaped is leaves enough room for layers. Off to test it I still might venture to get some fleece for a second one, after the holidays. 

I really love projects that go fast and are simple but still have nice details. I guess when the kids are both in school that will change. Working on the model I was thinking for ages that a wrist pin cushion would be handy, as I do not want to have to get another scan in case I swallow a pin. So I was searching for DIY ones. Also handmade pin cushions crossed my search and I was about to get one when I remembered another idea I had. 

I can get quite annoyed that things take so much time. 
The kids have grown out of babyhood and I got rid of a lot of things but kept the best of. Either to find a baby that I could give it to or ebay but as a lot in my life it just stood there in a bag on the landing prepared to be dealt with. And today I was glad I did not give it away. I found what I was looking for. An early learning sock for newborns, with a rattle in form of a bug. And voila, 10 minutes later I had my wrist pin cushion, Bob.

I cut the rattle out, put a bit of plastic on the bottom as protection from pins and sew it back together. The sock I just cut off into a wrist band and sew the seam down to secure it. 
The kids obviously want it now I have it on me. But it is mine!!!

Friday, 13 December 2013

Namaste Ringo Starr

The rain stopped for a minute

One day I will look back and think How did we do all this?

Kids seriously changed my life. I am not sure how other parents do it and whether kids get pressed into their life or parents give up their life for the kids. Or is there a secret of how to do it? In our case it is two self-employed parents obsessed with their work sharing this pleasure of raising two little boys and this can take funny routes. While we keep arguing about our working time the boys began to copy us and say they are busy working now or ask us to print out the pictures they have just taken. It is a dance to meet everybody's needs. And then one day they are both off to school and I will miss the chaos and my working days might seem endlessly long until they are back home.

I guess it is the end of the year that makes me pensive. I am waiting for some new fabric to test and to finish the collection with, meanwhile I finish orders and presents. 

Yesterday I took all my energy to drag us to a photo shooting. It was in my head and needed to get out. But it rained. The solution was a warehouse with a roof, so the photos could still be taken. Nice location, but the picture in my head was a different one and this morning it did not rain. The car was available, so we packed the two kids and the camera and took off to school. While one was playing in school the other one was screaming in the car, a lorry in his hands watching me warming up to do some sun salutations. Time is precious, so half warmed up I posed barefoot in front of Ringo Starr's Birth House. 

It is not a nice area to walk on your own or to walk at all but I love those abandoned streets. I am not spending my time scouting around Liverpool but I do hope we will take more photos at interesting locations like this. 

Sneak Preview: Hand stitched Yoga Pants, Tank Top and Tunic

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Au Revoir Bra

French Movie

The days are too short! I am not talking about the season or the weather but lately I love to distract myself with movies. This winter obsession started living on a Remote Island. I am still sort of remote and feel drawn to french movies at the moment. I might have improved my french but it also makes more sense to me to watch a french movie. The last one was not really typical also because it did have a relatively good ending. It was all about Coco Chanel and although I might recognize her style I have not been familiar with how she started in fashion. One sentence in the movie was quite accurate to what I am working on at the moment, something like Don't you want to breathe? 

I am still holding my breath once in a while and I often find myself adjusting a breathing pattern. I am currently also trying to stop coughing as I remember having pulled a muscle which is very painful and I am about to repeat this. And then I keep finding discussions about bra yes or no online and whether the support would be actually greater without one. 

All personal stuff and I guess there are preferences. Since nursing children is part of my past I started questioning the comfort of bras and also developed a Yoga Bra which is very comfortable. But as I am spoiling myself with comfort I have to move on to higher comfort. The result of the last week's impressions is this Hand Stitched Bratank. It is made of Organic Bamboo/Cotton Jersey which contains a small percentage of elastane and is very very nice to wear. The stretch is strong enough to support but gentle enough not to feel wrapped up. The Bratank is in test phase and I will see whether this is it or I still need to watch more french movies. 

Can I ever watch too many?

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Funny dance around new Patterns


Good that I can still laugh about myself.

It has been weeks now. First I transferred the chosen garments of my first collection onto pattern paper, then I had to let go of them and they were transported to London. And after some weeks they made it to the graders and also back. And finally they came by train back to Liverpool last weekend. 

When I heard they would be back I got very excited, it felt like a victory. But somehow it started scaring me and that's where I am glad that I can laugh. Maybe because it felt like a massive project from start to end, maybe to let go of a whole year of hard work, maybe the step to the next level, whatever it was, it is gone now and I am ready to move on. And it feels really good to use them. 

This collection is available now and just waiting to be put in my shop. It is a Hand stitched long sleeve Yoga Tunic, a short long sleeve Top, a comfortable Top and Tank Top and the Yoga pants in all sizes and different colors.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Merry Sparkly Woolly Top

Happy Advent!

I am still in denial. I cannot believe where time has gone. 

My body and head are still bathing in warm sunshine while I am shopping for Christmas presents in the freezing cold. The shop that provides it all is the local fabric shop and I found what I was looking for. But Christmas also means making myself presents. Actually especially at Christmas time I find the most exquisite gifts for myself.

This one is a small cut-off of sparkly woolly midnight blue fabric and I did not hesitate to get it! And as I am practicing offline-ness it is already ready to wear! It is quite airy but very warming and it has a very decent sparkly thread that blinks once in a while.... 

Now which Christmas Party should I take it out to? 
Ok, there is still more to do this year, a lot more. Another thing that is in my head but maybe there is one at least!

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Auditions and a Hoodie

Warming news from the attic

Sometimes I really regret that I have turned on the computer during my working day. I get distracted and consequently lost and that is what I ended up watching last night: x got talent

Anyway, after seeing lots of auditions were you could never guess what you will hear I felt even more excited that my hoodie turned out so nicely.

I like hoodies, they are great to hide in. But usually the hood is very small and when I turn I have the feeling I am being slightly strangled when I twist my head. 

The one I have just created was developed out of the woolly vest mentioned earlier. It is a gorgeous versatile piece this vest, light and very warming. But I forgot that it is getting even colder and I have the wish to hibernate also indoors, mainly after I have brought the kids to bed and I am half asleep myself or when the heating gets randomly turned off.....

Obsessed with simplicity I had to fiddle about quite some time to solve this puzzle. The vest was created with a panel who's  size is determined by half of the body width. For the length I took all material I had. I used the edge of the woolly fabric so there would be no need to sew a hem. 

This time I have included the hoodie in this panel. I marked the position of the shoulders and tucked the bottom of the hood in, creating two pleats. The hood is wide but also vanishes when not used. 

This fabric is warm and light and very nice to wear. Sadly I have used it all now and after loosing my favorite cardigan to the fairies I hope this one will stay longer with me.

I really have to go now ........

Friday, 8 November 2013

Woolly Vest for a Cool Land


I like cool but this is definitely too cool for me. 
As always I understand things much later than they occur, so I wonder how long until I understand what am I doing in this country? I know I have a family here. But if this is the only reason then it is really time to grab them and find a warmer home.

Remember last winter? I froze half of it and then I made those woolly tops and wondered why I did not think of making them earlier. This year I am much cleverer, I started wearing this gorgeously warm layer already in autumn! I love it. The only thing is, wearing a cardigan or jacket on top, they don't reveal any of my nice Hand stitched Tops.

Somehow I do not own any jumpers. I have one but it is made of thick Organic Bamboo Jersey and I occasionally wear it but it is more a large sweater. I think it is because I don't like thick layers and love to move freely. But it is very cold at the moment. Cardigans are nice but too warm in the house and not enough freedom on the move.

So instead of finishing what I need to finish today I thought there is enough time to squeeze in a new prototype. And this is it, made of two pieces it is warm and light and I have lots of freedom. 

And: this Hand stitched Woolly Vest drapes nicely around any Hand stitched Top I am wearing underneath. I am off to continue my work, but might sew some pockets on later.

To warmer days!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Stuck and a Rug

A Bouncy Castle is not all

It would be great if all would just work out, now. But then again I have learnt so often that delay can be much better. Knowing that, it doesn't make the path I am walking any easier.
 I have taken my oldest son to a Fancy Dress Party and I will confess I have to practice this. From choosing a costume, although this was not too bad, to actually going there. Little girls can scream very loud and pitchy and conversation would not flow easily after a sleepless night and a very early start. But there was a bouncy castle and pink cake and all went well. But arriving at home I could not let the day end with a bouncy castle. Sewing was no choice as I could have fallen asleep standing but also because the kids had still a lot of energy that needed to be channeled. But I could gather all the too small T-Shirts together and make a yarn out of them and start crocheting with my handmade mega hook.

Sad tha all is stuck at the moment, as it feels so great to create what I want to create but also excited to finally make the  bathroom mat I could not find anywhere.

And it is so extremely super soft!

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Travel Sewing Kit

Where are you going?

This was the question my husband asked when I showed him my new Hand Stitched Travel Sewing Kit. The answer was sadly, nowhere.
My head is spinning, there is the collection that wants to be finished and presented, there are 2 books to study more sewing and pattern making techniques that want to be worked through and there is already a new project that I want to realize. I could not make up my mind of what to do first, so I had a cup of tea and decided to make a Hand Stitched Travel Sewing Kit. 

Where am I traveling to? Well, I am fed up with thinking of where to put the magnet, especially not next to the computer and also the threads and pins got tangled up. I wanted to make one in the very beginning when I started sewing by hand. But the design wasn't mine and I also questioned the practical value of the design. 
This version is not much designed and thought through but it suits my needs. The scissors are secured, the threads held in place and the sewing needles are in a separate location from the pins.
It needed to be very small in case I really travel as I have to give up any space in a suitcase for toys and extra clothes for boys. I also did not want to have to extra pad it so I put a layer of felt around it. It is made out of a too small T-shirt of the boys and some leftover materials and it is easy to close with a strip of jersey.

So were am I traveling to? From my studio to the living room, to nanny's television room and probably sometimes to the park.

Monday, 28 October 2013

a collection / chapter end

Suffering (;

I knew this would come. 
I have this self-imposed rule that I draw a pattern straight after a new design is born, no matter what. And if I make any changes I transfer them immediately too.
Obviously, there are exceptions. Sometimes I am not sure and think I can draw the pattern later. Sometimes the drawing is very free-style as it is in process anyway. Although I must say through experience my pattern-development got more and more accurate as it just speeds up the process, and although I know by now how to cut what, it is still of advantage to have the pattern finished, named and neatly stored. 

A year has passed. It feels like a chapter is finished and it is time to move on. But before that I wanted to present what I have done in form of a collection. I decided which of the designs will be part of this collection and did the last fine tuning. And I spent the whole weekend to create the final drawings of those patterns, I mean the final final ones, which was quite painful as I had to test and work out if it is all correct, like super correct. Because they will be graded and if there is an error, it will be in every size.... 

(... From now on I am not only drawing the pattern immediately but also do the final drawing.)

Well, now I only have to choose the fabrics and manufacture and present this collection in my shop. What a big event!

Friday, 25 October 2013

Smile! i can cu .....

Another Holi-day entertainment

Some nights ago I had the idea to stamp my logo onto my Hand stitched clothes instead of screen printing it. 

Why now I don't know, but I found a kit online and today it arrived which was really nice as I told the kids that we would do some T-shirt prints and we still had another Holi-day to fill.

My oldest designed a smiley, we transferred it onto the rubber and after some airplane maneuvers that filled the carving time, he decided which clothes should have a smiley on and voila his first collection:

The best part of it was to hear the boys scream and giggle when I lifted the stamp and they found the smiley on the fabric.

Well prepared I transferred and carved i can cu's logo and have already tested it on several proto-types. 

What a nice day!

Sunday, 20 October 2013

2 weddings and lots of rain

Show off time

They are married and the sun is shining now.
The last two weekends where marked with two weddings and pouring rain. But the rain has stopped both times for the wedding ...

I might get some more and better pics later on but this is a little peak into i can cu's wedding world.

  Hand stitched tie (in church)

 Hand stitched dress

 Hand stitched dress with poncho

Friday, 18 October 2013

Man's World

Tied up

Well I said I do not sew lots of men's clothes but as it seems I have to.
But this is more of an emergency project. I could not bare looking at a bought tie again for a whole evening, or actually invest in buying one. I don't understand the tie-concept and have not seen one I like so far.

There is a special occasion on tomorrow therefore I spent my morning entertaining a very bored toddler and creating a Hand stitched tie. 

At least I can concentrate on my red stitches tomorrow. I might make a toddler's and boy's version with elastic band around the neck as well.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Jealousy and a jacket

Anniversary present

I recently had an unexpected visitor and found myself walking down High street. I do not get there very often and also know why. One reason is that I use any free time for everything else but shopping, and then for example, if I would take my youngest with me I could rather stay at home because we would only end up arguing which way to go. But I must say there is also nothing I would want from there. I thought I give it a go and find an anniversary present but no, no, no.

I had coffee instead and decided to finally make the jacket that I had in mind, already months ago. The fabric waited and I had still some days left before the big event.

I do not particularly like hand-sewing men's clothes also because they are usually very big. But the jacket issue kept coming back so I thought I want to solve it one day. When we lived on the remote Scottish Island our life happened mainly outdoors and we therefore needed to be dressed appropriate but not necessarily designed. Living in the city now, the focus shifted and the outdoor gear should look good too. There are good brands that produce good looking outdoor gear to high prices but the quality just does not keep up. The lining rips or the
water repellent surface does not survive cleaning or seams open or the material is too noisy and would scare wildlife away. 

As it was a surprise, I had to take an existing jacket for size reference and started designing it. I have never made a jacket this big and with lining but it was fun. For fitting I had to reveal my secret but he was still chuffed later when he was wearing it. Made of stretch denim with woolly lining it is warm enough for the cold season but still thin enough to layer it with even warmer layers underneath. The only thing it is not waterproof, so this prototype wont be the one for going fishing.
There was not enough time for pockets but I might sew some at a later stage if they are required. The buttons are hidden under the edge but a part of them can be still seen, which makes it interesting. I used a straight stitch throughout. Because I finished the outer jacket first the lining creates an additional line of stitching right next to the main one, which looks really nice. The advantage of this construction is that the lining does not fight with the outer layer and this is more comfortable to wear. 

But the nicest feedback was that he chose to wear this jacket to the wedding we have been invited to rather than the suit jacket.......

I want one too.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

hot pink and Hand stitched

up for vote....

i can cu' s pink extra long Hand stitched gloves 
are up for vote....... 

if you have a minute, very much appreciated, thank you!

(vote icancu2)


Thursday, 26 September 2013

Lotus and the Beach

Yoga in progress

My newest challenge is Bound Lotus. I have avoided Lotus in general the last years as I was either too fat or not flexible enough. But now the Baby-fat is fading and this summer had a good aspect as I had nothing else to do at night than doing my Yoga Set, every day. So Lotus is possible now, Bound Lotus still a big mission though. But I must say after 11 minutes with lots of props and some suffering, I feel really good afterwards, just wondering when will I enjoy 31 minutes without too much pain.....

Meanwhile my Hand stitched Yoga Tunic in natural Organic Cotton Bamboo Jersey is finished. The seam is at the front this time, as it might bother me while practicing kriyas on the back. Also, it is neither too wide nor too tight as I want to be able to do inverted postures without showing my belly. I enjoy being aware of my body but do not want to be trapped like a sausage, so I chose the middle way. 

As you can see on the picture, I took it on an outing and this Tunic is really fun to mix with blue and grey. The material is fantastic to wear (Bamboo!) and with the Yoga Bra, the white feels even better, as it breaks the brightness.

The second Top of this special Hand stitched Yoga collection is also about to be finished, already thinking of variations with different seam colours but I might add some coloured versions anyway, as I am not sure to keep it all white....

I love big projects!

Friday, 20 September 2013

3 min dis-traction

Restless night

Thinking of when I lived on the small remote Island in Scotland I remember one really cold winter, so cold that the water system froze. We had very brave longterm guests back then and while I was really inventive to gather some water to wash my hair, the girl solved it with Dry Shampoo that she had brought with her.

The other night, I could not concentrate on anything which is a shame because I really honor those quiet hours, and nothing mind numbing was broadcasting, so I remembered the upcoming wedding in our family and browsed for some special hair do. Vimeo has quite some arty films and I once watched a really nice series of Tiger in a Jar like making your own pesto or bread but also a nice hairstyle. From that I ended up at Hair Dresser on Fire which is kind of entertaining to watch..... On her blog she talks about no poo which is when you don't use shampoo but water, baking soda and cider vinegar. She says she cannot handle that herself but tries to reduce the times of hair wash and that is where the Dry Shampoo came back to my life.

I thought I give it a try after all and went into the shop I pass on the way to get my son from school and tried it this morning. A funny thing. The hair feels lighter but it turns white so I guess you have to spray it with a bit of water?.....I really don't know about that.

Anyway it is fun to play with hair for a while but last night I had a much better distraction result after exhaustion of a restless mind and Aqua Running:

3MS - 3 minutes to shift the flow in your body and mind...

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Breath is My Music

Picking Plums

The boys are out and this gives me a moment of inner silence which I love. Not that I do not accomplish this otherwise but it has a different quality to it. Somehow motherhood is connected to being there non stop and only stops with physical separation and still then there is a chance that a lot of thoughts and concerns are still with the boys.

Not knowing when they are back I started with my Yoga Set. The last weeks I am doing a pelvic balance set which is quite short but very intense. I am also back to Aqua Running after a long Summer Break and was really surprised how easy my return was. So I guess I finally made a huge step. I would not mention this but I have to admit it is a (my) BIG mission to get rid of a baby body (; 

Additionally I can stay in the wheel position and this took years hahahaha. 
That is one aspect of Yoga that I really love. I keep doing the same thing over and over again often struggle and then one day something has shifted and I can do it. And then the experience can still change by further repetition. I still remember one night, in my past life, I was out dancing and noticed a change of my hip-spine coordination which was due to spinal twists I was practicing at that time. This might sound weird but it is a great feeling for me to be flexible.

If you haven't seen this short film I post it here again. I really like watching it. Not only because Yoga in a dress looks really nice but also because it shows how normal Yoga is. I do not think she looks particularly fit from a glance....... And the poses do not seem to be great effort for her. And the good thing about Yoga is that there is no limit to age or gender or constitution or condition. It requires comfortable clothes which is nice to wear every day anyway (... i can cu) and some practice. And it all comes with the Breath.

(and I recently had the chance to watch the changes in a 70 year old lady, completely new to Kundalini Yoga, that went from swearing to moving quite smoothly in days, and that with acute spinal issues.)

They are back now.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Bra take 2

I finished the "day" version of this super comfy bra. I just wanted a second one that is not visible or looks like another T-Shirt layer like the Yoga Bra.

This time I have used a wider elastic band with a softer structure, which seems to be even more comfortable. I did not fold the material over and embedded the band but left it outside, sewn on a single layer of Jersey. But because of its width I had to sew two rows of cross stitch around the band, which is a nice decorative element. 

The cut is lower for this version. I might try a different shape for the next one, maybe a V? The best thing about this breathable Organic Bamboo Cotton Jersey is that I can wear it quite often with only airing it, compared to a bra made of Cotton or Lycra. The material is very suitable for a bra due to its elastane content for stability, but rather for smaller cup sizes (;

Still in test phase but already one of my favorite no feel designs!

Thursday, 12 September 2013


Why don't use your sewing machine for this?

For me it so normal to sew by hand that I still get a tiny shock being questioned. 
I know why i use my hands only, it is hard to explain to others though, especially in a time where time and technology run so fast. There are things I might consider using the machine for. But I cannot think of one at the moment. To be honest I often ask myself why did I have to start this? Also because it takes ages. The thing is I did not say one day I sew everything by hand from now on, it came to me and does not leave anymore. 

I have this thing with aerodynamic. Or maybe the better word is efficiency? I am always looking for the best, easiest, most logical, harmonic in everything and before I find no peace. This manifested for example in finally crocheting a soap and toothbrush holder out of orange fishing rope according to my needs, sewing fruit baskets out of rice bags and now I found a new material! Rip-stop.
No way I would use a machine with this.
It is slippery and uncomfortable to sew.

But I love my new wallet and medicine pouch. The material is easy to wipe, it is very thin and soft but because of being rip-stop I can use it in a single layer. And it does not cost a lot. I love pouches and clutches and containers and want to refer here to an older project - the Hand stitched washing bag - and I don't think I can have enough pouches ever. And a plus, I found an alternative for leather which I do not love to use.

Anyway, time changes, and at the moment I do not get a lot of working time. So more time for thinking, maybe....

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Dress 1 for a special occasion

Student life for 3 days

Give me some days on my own and my whole rhythm has changed. I have one meal a day (maybe), late breakfast (= coffee) and work long and late. It is only me and my dolly and music, if I don't forget about that as well.

This time I take My time to create a dress for a special occasion, the first one in a series of special occasions.

It is fun to develop and tricky as it has a low cut around the 
décolleté, actually very low. The colour is a petrol blue and it has a contrasting cherry red seam on the back. As I do not want to spoil the simpleness with anything  I have to work around the tension. I thought I could solve it just like that but ended up tuning it on the doll. 

It is still not finished and there is yet another one to design during this short time in my "Student life" but as soon I get into it again time is forgotten and I will wonder why it is so dark around me.

And maybe I will update this post with some live pics of the special occasion (:

Sunday, 25 August 2013

bra in progress


It has been a long time... I am back on the Island and have to find out that my favorite cardigan has blown away. I aired it before I left for the airport and forgot to take it with me, the other option is of course that it shows up again in 3 weeks time or so, a special quality of the house I am living in at the moment.

The other thing I notice being away for so long does something. It changes perspective but also, it takes a while to get back into a routine. Saying that I spent the last days in a cloud and slowly made my way out, mainly by sleeping and doing nothing. But yesterday I had to do it: I worked on a sports bra.

I love the summer even when it is boiling hot like it was on the continent but also because I can wear the thinnest materials or hardly anything. The bikini top I made was really nice to have with me wearing it non stop. 

But it is getting cooler now, the materials need to be thicker and layers drape over layers, so straps and ties are definitely in the way. Also, for my Yoga routine I cannot have anything bothering me on my back or anywhere else...........

Still some supersoft Organic Bamboo Cotton fabric left I hid in my studio for some hours and started to develop my Yoga sports bra. I am not a fan of bras and never found one that was comfortable and nice looking. And the elastic always bothers me and wires?? Anyway I made this first version especially for Yoga. It has a simple T-shirt cut with one seam at the back and a wide elastic band sewn between 2 layers of fabric. 

I will test it and adapt it for the day version. 

So far: very nice and comfy.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

this way

The process of starting a painting is very funny to observe for me, but hard to explain. There is long nothing accompanied by a special nervousness. And all of a sudden it is clear, I can see it and I start. The outcome could be different though.

Sometimes I make plans and I can only laugh at the end of the day what is left of that plan. 

And then there are seeds. An idea comes up, energy flows and excitement arises. The thing is, it might take a long time to grow or another much stronger one overgrows everything.
In my head all goes very fast in reality rather not. I am learning to live along the slow movements... I have created a new Hand stitched Halter Top but it was already there for a long time. 

It is a beginning of a new direction I feel. 


I will stop thinking for a while and come back to it and find out. 
Sorry to be vague for now but I will keep you posted, just don't know when (:

Friday, 19 July 2013

no impact shorts

How to survive the heat

Every move is a mission, the head is heavy and the only craving is ice-cream after ice-cream. But then I remember how unbelievably uncomfortable I feel in the winter how stressful it is to keep warm and all looks different. The green/mate tea is my new companion, fruits are not allowed to run out and the orange juice lolly ice tray must be constantly refilled and frozen.

The latest obsession is to complete my summer wardrobe and for that reason I developed some shorts that are a fusion of my Yoga pants and the skirt that you might know from my movie. I might post about them later. Just to mention that they are in daily use, gorgeous on the bike and still dressed up enough to meet teachers. But they are just too hot to wear at home. So I thought that is the chance to use this nice cotton fabric I found ages ago. It is thin and a joy to look at.

The cut is loose and straight, the seams are only folded over once apart from the waistband. I used red thread and the cross stitch which would not be necessary as the fabric is not stretchy but it helps to prevent fraying and looks good.
And I just looped a bit of leftover jersey through to tie at the front. And some hours later I am running around very happy about my no impact shorts....

Ideal for summer pjs too....