Saturday, 28 September 2013

hot pink and Hand stitched

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i can cu' s pink extra long Hand stitched gloves 
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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Lotus and the Beach

Yoga in progress

My newest challenge is Bound Lotus. I have avoided Lotus in general the last years as I was either too fat or not flexible enough. But now the Baby-fat is fading and this summer had a good aspect as I had nothing else to do at night than doing my Yoga Set, every day. So Lotus is possible now, Bound Lotus still a big mission though. But I must say after 11 minutes with lots of props and some suffering, I feel really good afterwards, just wondering when will I enjoy 31 minutes without too much pain.....

Meanwhile my Hand stitched Yoga Tunic in natural Organic Cotton Bamboo Jersey is finished. The seam is at the front this time, as it might bother me while practicing kriyas on the back. Also, it is neither too wide nor too tight as I want to be able to do inverted postures without showing my belly. I enjoy being aware of my body but do not want to be trapped like a sausage, so I chose the middle way. 

As you can see on the picture, I took it on an outing and this Tunic is really fun to mix with blue and grey. The material is fantastic to wear (Bamboo!) and with the Yoga Bra, the white feels even better, as it breaks the brightness.

The second Top of this special Hand stitched Yoga collection is also about to be finished, already thinking of variations with different seam colours but I might add some coloured versions anyway, as I am not sure to keep it all white....

I love big projects!

Friday, 20 September 2013

3 min dis-traction

Restless night

Thinking of when I lived on the small remote Island in Scotland I remember one really cold winter, so cold that the water system froze. We had very brave longterm guests back then and while I was really inventive to gather some water to wash my hair, the girl solved it with Dry Shampoo that she had brought with her.

The other night, I could not concentrate on anything which is a shame because I really honor those quiet hours, and nothing mind numbing was broadcasting, so I remembered the upcoming wedding in our family and browsed for some special hair do. Vimeo has quite some arty films and I once watched a really nice series of Tiger in a Jar like making your own pesto or bread but also a nice hairstyle. From that I ended up at Hair Dresser on Fire which is kind of entertaining to watch..... On her blog she talks about no poo which is when you don't use shampoo but water, baking soda and cider vinegar. She says she cannot handle that herself but tries to reduce the times of hair wash and that is where the Dry Shampoo came back to my life.

I thought I give it a try after all and went into the shop I pass on the way to get my son from school and tried it this morning. A funny thing. The hair feels lighter but it turns white so I guess you have to spray it with a bit of water?.....I really don't know about that.

Anyway it is fun to play with hair for a while but last night I had a much better distraction result after exhaustion of a restless mind and Aqua Running:

3MS - 3 minutes to shift the flow in your body and mind...

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Breath is My Music

Picking Plums

The boys are out and this gives me a moment of inner silence which I love. Not that I do not accomplish this otherwise but it has a different quality to it. Somehow motherhood is connected to being there non stop and only stops with physical separation and still then there is a chance that a lot of thoughts and concerns are still with the boys.

Not knowing when they are back I started with my Yoga Set. The last weeks I am doing a pelvic balance set which is quite short but very intense. I am also back to Aqua Running after a long Summer Break and was really surprised how easy my return was. So I guess I finally made a huge step. I would not mention this but I have to admit it is a (my) BIG mission to get rid of a baby body (; 

Additionally I can stay in the wheel position and this took years hahahaha. 
That is one aspect of Yoga that I really love. I keep doing the same thing over and over again often struggle and then one day something has shifted and I can do it. And then the experience can still change by further repetition. I still remember one night, in my past life, I was out dancing and noticed a change of my hip-spine coordination which was due to spinal twists I was practicing at that time. This might sound weird but it is a great feeling for me to be flexible.

If you haven't seen this short film I post it here again. I really like watching it. Not only because Yoga in a dress looks really nice but also because it shows how normal Yoga is. I do not think she looks particularly fit from a glance....... And the poses do not seem to be great effort for her. And the good thing about Yoga is that there is no limit to age or gender or constitution or condition. It requires comfortable clothes which is nice to wear every day anyway (... i can cu) and some practice. And it all comes with the Breath.

(and I recently had the chance to watch the changes in a 70 year old lady, completely new to Kundalini Yoga, that went from swearing to moving quite smoothly in days, and that with acute spinal issues.)

They are back now.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Bra take 2

I finished the "day" version of this super comfy bra. I just wanted a second one that is not visible or looks like another T-Shirt layer like the Yoga Bra.

This time I have used a wider elastic band with a softer structure, which seems to be even more comfortable. I did not fold the material over and embedded the band but left it outside, sewn on a single layer of Jersey. But because of its width I had to sew two rows of cross stitch around the band, which is a nice decorative element. 

The cut is lower for this version. I might try a different shape for the next one, maybe a V? The best thing about this breathable Organic Bamboo Cotton Jersey is that I can wear it quite often with only airing it, compared to a bra made of Cotton or Lycra. The material is very suitable for a bra due to its elastane content for stability, but rather for smaller cup sizes (;

Still in test phase but already one of my favorite no feel designs!

Thursday, 12 September 2013


Why don't use your sewing machine for this?

For me it so normal to sew by hand that I still get a tiny shock being questioned. 
I know why i use my hands only, it is hard to explain to others though, especially in a time where time and technology run so fast. There are things I might consider using the machine for. But I cannot think of one at the moment. To be honest I often ask myself why did I have to start this? Also because it takes ages. The thing is I did not say one day I sew everything by hand from now on, it came to me and does not leave anymore. 

I have this thing with aerodynamic. Or maybe the better word is efficiency? I am always looking for the best, easiest, most logical, harmonic in everything and before I find no peace. This manifested for example in finally crocheting a soap and toothbrush holder out of orange fishing rope according to my needs, sewing fruit baskets out of rice bags and now I found a new material! Rip-stop.
No way I would use a machine with this.
It is slippery and uncomfortable to sew.

But I love my new wallet and medicine pouch. The material is easy to wipe, it is very thin and soft but because of being rip-stop I can use it in a single layer. And it does not cost a lot. I love pouches and clutches and containers and want to refer here to an older project - the Hand stitched washing bag - and I don't think I can have enough pouches ever. And a plus, I found an alternative for leather which I do not love to use.

Anyway, time changes, and at the moment I do not get a lot of working time. So more time for thinking, maybe....