Sunday, 21 July 2013

this way

The process of starting a painting is very funny to observe for me, but hard to explain. There is long nothing accompanied by a special nervousness. And all of a sudden it is clear, I can see it and I start. The outcome could be different though.

Sometimes I make plans and I can only laugh at the end of the day what is left of that plan. 

And then there are seeds. An idea comes up, energy flows and excitement arises. The thing is, it might take a long time to grow or another much stronger one overgrows everything.
In my head all goes very fast in reality rather not. I am learning to live along the slow movements... I have created a new Hand stitched Halter Top but it was already there for a long time. 

It is a beginning of a new direction I feel. 


I will stop thinking for a while and come back to it and find out. 
Sorry to be vague for now but I will keep you posted, just don't know when (:

Friday, 19 July 2013

no impact shorts

How to survive the heat

Every move is a mission, the head is heavy and the only craving is ice-cream after ice-cream. But then I remember how unbelievably uncomfortable I feel in the winter how stressful it is to keep warm and all looks different. The green/mate tea is my new companion, fruits are not allowed to run out and the orange juice lolly ice tray must be constantly refilled and frozen.

The latest obsession is to complete my summer wardrobe and for that reason I developed some shorts that are a fusion of my Yoga pants and the skirt that you might know from my movie. I might post about them later. Just to mention that they are in daily use, gorgeous on the bike and still dressed up enough to meet teachers. But they are just too hot to wear at home. So I thought that is the chance to use this nice cotton fabric I found ages ago. It is thin and a joy to look at.

The cut is loose and straight, the seams are only folded over once apart from the waistband. I used red thread and the cross stitch which would not be necessary as the fabric is not stretchy but it helps to prevent fraying and looks good.
And I just looped a bit of leftover jersey through to tie at the front. And some hours later I am running around very happy about my no impact shorts....

Ideal for summer pjs too....

Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Funny times. So long have I waited for the warm season and now I feel stressed by all events around me. New school, new projects, planning, dealing with other peoples issues, trying to stay cool, scouting for the best summer recipe. 
So apart from being extremely busy it is time to announce summertime. Time to enjoy the warm weather, relax into a stress-free body and gather all new ideas. 
I hope you enjoy your summer too!
Stay tuned, xx.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Bikini Top (Pattern)

Change the fabric and seam colour and have a new Bikini Top whenever you need it!

Once again this project started with a need. To go aqua running I needed a Bikini Top that is safe enough to wear and not to worry.
I usually find sportive bikinis too thick in material and not feminine enough, so I decided to create one myself. But it also seems that I want to be surrounded by handmade only. This is the second one I made for myself and they are both in constant use and test and I love them! But see for yourself.
If you enjoyed watching this movie please do't forget to share it. Thank you.
♥ handmade

If you watched the movie you can start now! All you need is Lycra, buttonhole Thread, a needle (sharps NO4), thin pins, fabric scissors, paper and paper scissors for the pattern (to repeat), a mat and a rotary cutter (optional).
The pattern is a fusion of a Bikini and a Tank Top. You can use a bra or bikini Top for reference (cup size) or just measure how wide the cup needs to be so you will feel safe. I cut the opening as low as possible but again not too deep to keep it safe. You will need 1 cm seam allowance. The band around the ribcage is 2 cm wide and 2x folded, which makes it very comfortable and strong enough to pull it tight.

The first version I made is black with a pattern and red seams, this new one is grey-ish with yellow seams, both very thin and comfortable. If you ask me now where are the pants for the Bikini Top I have to confess I had no time yet. But I guess you made your own Hand stitched knickers over and over again so I am sure you will finish your Bikini pants in no time and before I do ;)

ONE and more

A year has past and the winner is ...

Time is a weird thing. It is either too slow or too fast and if I do not notice time it is perfect. Kids grow up so quickly and Christmas comes too often. 

Well, enough thinking, time to celebrate: I did not make the chocolate cake but will for sure enjoy the day, this first Birthday of my little business i can cu - Happy Birthday!

Somehow it is also a day to reflect on all that has happened over the last year. It has been so special to get back to creating after a long baby break and also very hard. I am proud to present my wardrobe, far from finished but I guess I won't stop anyway because there will be always this and that I have never tried! And finally all the patterns are transferred and stored. WOW.

It is also time to wait and find out which size, colour and colour of seam this special Birthday custom present will be, congratulations Serena! And thank you for supporting i can cu.

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Lots of Love
Happy Day
x Tina & i can cu