Sunday, 31 March 2013

who made the dots

Time to vote?

i can cu's treasury 'Who made the dots?' made it into the On Fire Contest!
Time to vote?
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Why am I mentioning this?
The Winner will receive a Free Listing on the On Fire for Handmade Gift Guide!
This would be a good opportunity to spread the word and let everybody know about 
i can cu's hand stitched clothes.
Spoil yourself with hand stitched!
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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

some things take time

Funny, I finish one thing, what a birth! and my head and heart are already bursting of excitement for the next project to be realized. 
It seems I am always trying to develop a no-feel wardrobe, which is simple, classic, feminine, comfortable, . . . The Organic Cotton Jersey is supergorgeous and a dream to wear, so I am aiming for an Organic wardrobe!
This black Hand stitched dress is short enough to wear with layers but also long enough to wear it on its own. There is one seam at the back and two at the front, which makes it both comfortable on the body and catches the eye. 
I can't wait to see the shop running and invest in those nice Organic Cotton Jerseys with breathtaking dyes!

Sunday, 24 March 2013

light works

What I am doing when I am not a nurse.

I am not mentioning THAT weather but I really need a quantum leap straight into spring right NOW. Pneumonia, colds, coughs, and a gale blowing, what else can I do than nipping into the kitchen for some chocolate!

It is sunday and I tried to catch some fresh air with the kids with the motivation to feed the birds in the snow but it ended in crying, freezing and whining. It is just too cold. That means we are having some sort of an indoor camp while trying to recover from a too long lasting winter. 

At the moment I can only dream of working days but here and then I can sneak away for a couple of hours doing some work. The dress exists! And it is almost finished can you believe it! And where is spring?

The patient must be getting better, starting to take pictures again!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Space 4 NEW ideas

A big clearance - Hand stitched Tunic Top for only £ 34.50!

Well, spring is supposedly here any minute and with it a lot of new energy and ideas. Catching this refreshing wave i can cu starts a new event from now on:
Space 4 NEW ideas - everything has to go!

How does it work?
Simply type DISCOUNT50 in the 'coupon code' box at the checkout 
and you get 50% off! The first item that is 50% off is this 
gorgeous Hand stitched tunic Minimal art in Harmony - Hand stitched grey Tunic Top, simply catchy for only £34.50!

If you would like to buy this special Hand stitched tunic - it is UNIQUE! - use DISCOUNT50 at the checkout. (Only valid for this Hand stitched tunic!)

This extra Hand stitched tunic is very comfortable and very feminine. The tunic has only one seam and at the front, which makes it even more comfortable. Wear a piece of statement jewellery with this hand stitched tunic and you are ready to go on a date. This is the ONLY ONE made and in size M. 

Please share this, so the next gorgeous item can go on offer!

See you at i can cu!!!!!

Friday, 15 March 2013

Thank YOU!

Thank you Laurie, congrats Jena!

Many thanks to the 789 who entered the give away!

Many, many thanks to Laurie and her inter-connecting blog:
(and watch out for the weekly blog hop event!!!)

and congrats to Jena!

A dress on spring strike

Why does it take soooo long?

I feel like slowly awakening, I have no idea from what exactly, but the last weeks were tough with on and off sick family members and disturbed nights and working days to dream of. 

But then I spent the last 2 days in the studio and moved a big step forward. (Ah I almost forgot these 2 days also included the photo shooting - urban i can cu; wow, sometimes I am amazed what i can or cannot fit into one day.) 

The Proto type is finished (the 3 pics to the right), the pattern refined and the black Organic Hand stitched Dress (to the left) cut and pinned! 

I guess this fragmented working experience made it all take even longer and probably I am indirectly striking for warmer days too. But I also dedicated a lot of attention to the cut and pattern. I wanted the dress to be simple but feminine, cut to figure but also allow a natural change of waistline and keeping a good wearing comfort. (I still want to feel feminine and look good even if had some ice cream.)

The seams are at the back and at the front and give a nice eye-catcher. The lack of seams on the sides allow the dress to drape nicely around your sides. The dress remains rather short for now.

The plum/purple Organic Cotton Jersey Hand stitched tunic in comparison has a more flattering style and is much shorter ( . . and is on SALE too at the moment), if you want to take a look in my shop.

So spring, where are you?

Thursday, 14 March 2013

5h left!

well, this is it, last chance . . 

soon we will know who won the denim blue fingerless gloves!!!
If you want to win these: enter!

urban i can cu

i can cu - Hand stitched Yoga wear and Street fashion . . . 

I can't believe, the second photo shooting this year and it is absolutely freezing again. I did not expect the beach to be warm but it looked really nice today. . .

We ventured to the Park not far away with a handful of i can cu's clothes to show i can cu as casual wear. 
The whole point behind i can cu is a different feel on your body. Of course you really want to be comfortable doing Yoga and I guess you are more aware of your body doing so but why should you feel good only doing Yoga and not all day long, every day?

Actually all of the (especially for Yoga designed) Yoga wear looks stunning combined with your daily outfit. And you might want to take your infinity scarf or woolly jacket to Yoga to be warm while tuning in or relaxing . . . 

The dress is on the go and soon part of the collection too!

Sunday, 3 March 2013

dress time

Well it was there in the air for a long time . . . . and finally . . .

Somehow I do not have many dresses and only wear them for special occasions. They always feel too complicated or I feel too un-dressed. So I rather have tunics. 
But I wanted to change that for a long time. 
The first spark of creating a dress had to do with an announcement of a special occasion and I thought I need a dress for that, but I am optimistic summer will come soon and the wish to wear a dress with it.

So now you might know why I chose the name favorite Hand stitched Yoga Tank Top because this dress is a variation of this favorite top. Favorite because the lack of side seams is so gentle to the waistline and the panel in the front makes it feminine and interesting. For now only in my wardrobe but soon in my shop available!

Friday, 1 March 2013

Another Give away

It is getting complicated . . . 

This is just to let you know there is A N O T H E R Give away . . . . .  i can cu is featured in this blog and if you participate you can win these 
denim blue fingerless gloves - Hand stitched and extra long - warm your arms . . . C u at i can cu!