All made by hand but still good tools are essential!

All my tools are well hidden from everybody who is looking for some sharp tools nicely put together in storage containers (I don't want to name any names.)

These are my fabric scissors - fabric ONLY. Sometimes I manage to cut a pin and then these are useless. You only know whether you have sharp scissors when you tried these. . . 

I also have special pins, special because they are the finest I could get online. They are gentle to the Jersey and nice to use. (I am aware this photo is a bit out of focus but I really like it.)
I tried a lot of different needles and these Milward sharps no4 are the nicest to work with. They have a good length, a big enough eye for the thread I am using and are strong but give, which is really nice, after a while they get a bent shape and look and feel like well used working tools. I started collecting them all in a piece of felt because I spent a lot of time looking for them in my magnet.

I did not take an extra photo of my embroidery scissors, they are even more important than the fabric ones. Same here, well hidden and I try to take good care of them as they are essential to trim and refine. The magnet is a very cool invention, I am able to throw my pins into its direction and I find them all nicely in my magnet. Just once in a while I miss and . . .

My working set on the top shelf - well hidden from kids and  . . .

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