Sunday, 3 November 2013

Stuck and a Rug

A Bouncy Castle is not all

It would be great if all would just work out, now. But then again I have learnt so often that delay can be much better. Knowing that, it doesn't make the path I am walking any easier.
 I have taken my oldest son to a Fancy Dress Party and I will confess I have to practice this. From choosing a costume, although this was not too bad, to actually going there. Little girls can scream very loud and pitchy and conversation would not flow easily after a sleepless night and a very early start. But there was a bouncy castle and pink cake and all went well. But arriving at home I could not let the day end with a bouncy castle. Sewing was no choice as I could have fallen asleep standing but also because the kids had still a lot of energy that needed to be channeled. But I could gather all the too small T-Shirts together and make a yarn out of them and start crocheting with my handmade mega hook.

Sad tha all is stuck at the moment, as it feels so great to create what I want to create but also excited to finally make the  bathroom mat I could not find anywhere.

And it is so extremely super soft!

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