Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Dress 1 for a special occasion

Student life for 3 days

Give me some days on my own and my whole rhythm has changed. I have one meal a day (maybe), late breakfast (= coffee) and work long and late. It is only me and my dolly and music, if I don't forget about that as well.

This time I take My time to create a dress for a special occasion, the first one in a series of special occasions.

It is fun to develop and tricky as it has a low cut around the 
décolleté, actually very low. The colour is a petrol blue and it has a contrasting cherry red seam on the back. As I do not want to spoil the simpleness with anything  I have to work around the tension. I thought I could solve it just like that but ended up tuning it on the doll. 

It is still not finished and there is yet another one to design during this short time in my "Student life" but as soon I get into it again time is forgotten and I will wonder why it is so dark around me.

And maybe I will update this post with some live pics of the special occasion (:


  1. I love the cut and style and the embellishments you've made to the neckline with stitching!

  2. thank you, it is also great to wear, just: I cannot gain a pound til october (: