Thursday, 12 September 2013


Why don't use your sewing machine for this?

For me it so normal to sew by hand that I still get a tiny shock being questioned. 
I know why i use my hands only, it is hard to explain to others though, especially in a time where time and technology run so fast. There are things I might consider using the machine for. But I cannot think of one at the moment. To be honest I often ask myself why did I have to start this? Also because it takes ages. The thing is I did not say one day I sew everything by hand from now on, it came to me and does not leave anymore. 

I have this thing with aerodynamic. Or maybe the better word is efficiency? I am always looking for the best, easiest, most logical, harmonic in everything and before I find no peace. This manifested for example in finally crocheting a soap and toothbrush holder out of orange fishing rope according to my needs, sewing fruit baskets out of rice bags and now I found a new material! Rip-stop.
No way I would use a machine with this.
It is slippery and uncomfortable to sew.

But I love my new wallet and medicine pouch. The material is easy to wipe, it is very thin and soft but because of being rip-stop I can use it in a single layer. And it does not cost a lot. I love pouches and clutches and containers and want to refer here to an older project - the Hand stitched washing bag - and I don't think I can have enough pouches ever. And a plus, I found an alternative for leather which I do not love to use.

Anyway, time changes, and at the moment I do not get a lot of working time. So more time for thinking, maybe....

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