Friday, 8 November 2013

Woolly Vest for a Cool Land


I like cool but this is definitely too cool for me. 
As always I understand things much later than they occur, so I wonder how long until I understand what am I doing in this country? I know I have a family here. But if this is the only reason then it is really time to grab them and find a warmer home.

Remember last winter? I froze half of it and then I made those woolly tops and wondered why I did not think of making them earlier. This year I am much cleverer, I started wearing this gorgeously warm layer already in autumn! I love it. The only thing is, wearing a cardigan or jacket on top, they don't reveal any of my nice Hand stitched Tops.

Somehow I do not own any jumpers. I have one but it is made of thick Organic Bamboo Jersey and I occasionally wear it but it is more a large sweater. I think it is because I don't like thick layers and love to move freely. But it is very cold at the moment. Cardigans are nice but too warm in the house and not enough freedom on the move.

So instead of finishing what I need to finish today I thought there is enough time to squeeze in a new prototype. And this is it, made of two pieces it is warm and light and I have lots of freedom. 

And: this Hand stitched Woolly Vest drapes nicely around any Hand stitched Top I am wearing underneath. I am off to continue my work, but might sew some pockets on later.

To warmer days!

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