Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Dress 1 for a special occasion

Student life for 3 days

Give me some days on my own and my whole rhythm has changed. I have one meal a day (maybe), late breakfast (= coffee) and work long and late. It is only me and my dolly and music, if I don't forget about that as well.

This time I take My time to create a dress for a special occasion, the first one in a series of special occasions.

It is fun to develop and tricky as it has a low cut around the 
décolleté, actually very low. The colour is a petrol blue and it has a contrasting cherry red seam on the back. As I do not want to spoil the simpleness with anything  I have to work around the tension. I thought I could solve it just like that but ended up tuning it on the doll. 

It is still not finished and there is yet another one to design during this short time in my "Student life" but as soon I get into it again time is forgotten and I will wonder why it is so dark around me.

And maybe I will update this post with some live pics of the special occasion (:

Sunday, 25 August 2013

bra in progress


It has been a long time... I am back on the Island and have to find out that my favorite cardigan has blown away. I aired it before I left for the airport and forgot to take it with me, the other option is of course that it shows up again in 3 weeks time or so, a special quality of the house I am living in at the moment.

The other thing I notice being away for so long does something. It changes perspective but also, it takes a while to get back into a routine. Saying that I spent the last days in a cloud and slowly made my way out, mainly by sleeping and doing nothing. But yesterday I had to do it: I worked on a sports bra.

I love the summer even when it is boiling hot like it was on the continent but also because I can wear the thinnest materials or hardly anything. The bikini top I made was really nice to have with me wearing it non stop. 

But it is getting cooler now, the materials need to be thicker and layers drape over layers, so straps and ties are definitely in the way. Also, for my Yoga routine I cannot have anything bothering me on my back or anywhere else...........

Still some supersoft Organic Bamboo Cotton fabric left I hid in my studio for some hours and started to develop my Yoga sports bra. I am not a fan of bras and never found one that was comfortable and nice looking. And the elastic always bothers me and wires?? Anyway I made this first version especially for Yoga. It has a simple T-shirt cut with one seam at the back and a wide elastic band sewn between 2 layers of fabric. 

I will test it and adapt it for the day version. 

So far: very nice and comfy.