Friday, 19 July 2013

no impact shorts

How to survive the heat

Every move is a mission, the head is heavy and the only craving is ice-cream after ice-cream. But then I remember how unbelievably uncomfortable I feel in the winter how stressful it is to keep warm and all looks different. The green/mate tea is my new companion, fruits are not allowed to run out and the orange juice lolly ice tray must be constantly refilled and frozen.

The latest obsession is to complete my summer wardrobe and for that reason I developed some shorts that are a fusion of my Yoga pants and the skirt that you might know from my movie. I might post about them later. Just to mention that they are in daily use, gorgeous on the bike and still dressed up enough to meet teachers. But they are just too hot to wear at home. So I thought that is the chance to use this nice cotton fabric I found ages ago. It is thin and a joy to look at.

The cut is loose and straight, the seams are only folded over once apart from the waistband. I used red thread and the cross stitch which would not be necessary as the fabric is not stretchy but it helps to prevent fraying and looks good.
And I just looped a bit of leftover jersey through to tie at the front. And some hours later I am running around very happy about my no impact shorts....

Ideal for summer pjs too....

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  1. Cute :) We have been in the upper 90's for weeks now and I am so ready for fall weather! Then again I will be complaining when it gets cold too, so maybe I'm just never happy with the weather :)