Thursday, 25 April 2013

Cross action (DIY cross stitch)

Cross stitching practice

You never know when you will need this gorgeous cross stitch - 
it might be very soon ;) 
So if you have a moment give it a try.
To sew a Hand stitched top or to mend jeans this cross stitch is versatile and an eye-catcher and stretchy!

You need: 
Material of your choice pinned, a needle (sharps#4), buttonhole thread and embroidery/fabric scissors.

Take about 2 arm's lengths of your thread or whatever length feels comfortable and thread your needle. 
Make 1 knot at the very end (about 2mm away from the edge) to prevent fraying.
And then about 1cm higher make 2 knots in the same place to fixate your thread at the start and end.
(The double knot in the same place might take a bit of practice)

For the cross stitch create 2 imaginary lines and let the cross stitch run along them. I usually choose to hold the fabric like shown below, with the seam folded upwards. (If you sew from the edge start with making a loop around the edge like shown at the infinity scarf project here:

Come up on the top (after the loop if you sew from the edge) and make the first bottom part of the cross stitch while moving a cross stitch width to the right.

The top part is exactly the same as the bottom part but moved to the right and then the next bottom part is again exactly the same as the top part moved to the right, the rhythm is determined by the width of your stitch.

Keep your top and bottom parts of your cross stitch in a line so your stitch looks regular with a nice rhythm.

End as you started (if you sew from the edge end by creating a loop from the back, around to the front and back again right next to the last stitch) and knot off using first the double knot. Slide the first knot of the double knot with your nail close to the fabric but do not pull the thread while doing this. Repeat for the second knot of the double knot. Followed by the single knot about 1cm away, trim.
Sometimes it can take a while to create a nice rhythm but start at a non prominent place.

And now you can watch The movie to learn the Cross Stitch:

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Wednesday, 24 April 2013


what is

Incredible how full emptiness can be.
I am not starting to elaborate on the meaning of life but I am taking another look at my work and creations. I could not be busier than I am right now, maybe I could but I feel like I am on-the-go from dusk til dawn and have to concentrate so I don't leave the cooker on or some other oversight, so to my perception I am BUSY. But still there is emptiness. I guess I can see this phenomenon in my children too as they seem to be my children as always and suddenly jump from one development to another without warning they just do and then they are changed. I don't know if that makes sense at all but I wanted to say I am experiencing a very interesting phase and wonder what will be . . .`

Thursday, 18 April 2013

my studio

I cannot believe that it took me so long but it feels good. 

I moved my working space to another room and it makes such a difference. 

The living room is nice, light and warm but no chance to concentrate there. And, I found my table occupied by the boys, all of them. This might not change after all but at least I can say: I am in my studio!!!! Or: I work, in my studio. I have coffee, in my studio. Please, close the studio door. 

The only question remaining, what am I doing with the piano now?

2 steps forward . . .

. . and some Hand stitched Tops for ME!

The good thing about test and preparation phases is that MY wardrobe expands. Otherwise - well. I have to confess I am impatient. But actually that is not completely true, I think I am so very excited and want to see the outcome - especially this one, so I get impatient about things and their own timing. 
At the moment I feel like a tiger in a zoo trying to get out. I cannot move right now, I wait, have coffee and finish my newly graded tops. 

Waiting is actually only annoying when I resist it and that is why I am writing this blog post. I had coffee already twice, the kids are out and I am enjoying the different setting. 

It is not the working day I had planned. 

But there will be another one and I might get some steps closer next time. . . exciting! Stay tuned.

Friday, 12 April 2013

some holiday

Beach hopping

Still recovering of various stages of coughs and colds and trying to boost the system, I must say the beach is my favorite and most effective destination and I have seen quite some during the last week. Apart from being far away and blowy, Scotland is a dream and I love returning, especially now as my friends settled down up there. The kids run free and equipped with beach tools they build and throw and sleep and I love watching their faces.

I always take way too much to do on my holiday and I return slightly disappointed but that lasts only for a minute. I am working at the moment on a new way of assembling and therefor a different experience of seams and I managed to finish a tank top just in time to take on holiday and to test in blowy terrain and another long sleeve top had a chance to see the light after some scottish nights! I am not sure yet where to go with this but it feels good and is even lighter and more comfortable! 
We are back now, confused with beauty and fresh air 
and ready for a new season. . .

Monday, 1 April 2013

hot, pink


 Pink, hot, made by i can cu . . take a look!
They are so hot that it was hard to capture this tone in the image!It is a very refreshing pink with matt red contrasting seams. (This colour is carefully chosen not to take the hotness away from the gloves.)
Very soft hot pink Hand stitched arm warmers or fingerless gloves or sleeve extension? This accessoire is a nice must have for your wardrobe.It is warming but gentle. And a very cool eye catcher. Also to find in i can cu's shop!