Sunday, 1 December 2013

Merry Sparkly Woolly Top

Happy Advent!

I am still in denial. I cannot believe where time has gone. 

My body and head are still bathing in warm sunshine while I am shopping for Christmas presents in the freezing cold. The shop that provides it all is the local fabric shop and I found what I was looking for. But Christmas also means making myself presents. Actually especially at Christmas time I find the most exquisite gifts for myself.

This one is a small cut-off of sparkly woolly midnight blue fabric and I did not hesitate to get it! And as I am practicing offline-ness it is already ready to wear! It is quite airy but very warming and it has a very decent sparkly thread that blinks once in a while.... 

Now which Christmas Party should I take it out to? 
Ok, there is still more to do this year, a lot more. Another thing that is in my head but maybe there is one at least!

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