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Meet my new tailor's dummy. Hello!

Finally, she made to to her new home, welcome Dolly!

Dress time

Well it was there in the air for a long time . . . . and finally . . .

Somehow I do not have many dresses and only wear them for special occasions. They always feel too complicated or I feel too un-dressed. So I rather have tunics. 
But I wanted to change that for a long time. 
The first spark of creating a dress had to do with an announcement of a special occasion and I thought I need a dress for that, but I am optimistic summer will come soon and the wish to wear a dress with it.

So now you might know why I chose the name favorite Hand stitched Yoga Tank Top because this dress is a variation of this favorite top. Favorite because the lack of side seams is so gentle to the waistline and the panel in the front makes it feminine and interesting. For now only in my wardrobe but soon in my shop available!

Testing Day for my new Hand stitched Yoga pants

When I did my training as a graphic designer I remember finding myself criticizing the to my opinion wrong spacing on shampoo and soap packaging or whatever was there in the bathroom while I was washing my hair. 

For my Birthday I got a voucher for Liverpool One, which is a popular shopping corner in the center of Liverpool. And again I was looking at seams and shapes . . . .

It has been now over a year that I am 'off high-street' and wearing handmade. I am far away from having a whole wardrobe stitched by hand but I am getting there, slowly.

So the next project are these Hand stitched Yoga pants. I designed already classic leggings which are very comfortable but I wanted to top it with a band made of the same fabric as the pants instead of an elastic band. The reason for this is it is soooooooooo comfortable and gentle around the waist. I call them pants because they are not as tight as leggings but still have a snug fit. The eye-catching cross stitching transforms this rather simple design into some very nice Hand stitched Yoga pants.

Today is the test phase for the cut and so far no pulling and adjusting and only comfort . . . .
Soon to be tested in an Organic jersey made of bamboo, cotton and elasthene. Really looking forward to that!

Minimal art in Harmony - a new Hand stitched Tank Top is taking shape - Yoga, Dancing, All rounder

In the process of designing a new garment I often feel like drawing circles in one place and all of a sudden it is clear: a new garment takes shape. This one continues to be part of the Harmony collection but I think it might move to the classic edition. 

I happen to have a favorite tank top for ages basically until it falls apart. So it was really time to start creating one myself - one that is easy, soft, comfy, cool, feminine, hardly to feel, to wear as a base layer, but also as only layer. . . 

Very important for this Hand stitched Tank Top is the choice of material. It needs to have a nice stretch, should be very light but not too fragile, and the seams should still feel as if they weren't there at all. Ideal to wear for Yoga, Dancing or just casual wherever you go . . . This is enough said for now, have to go. To be continued ......

50 shades of grey - Hand stitched unique arm warmers in shades of grey+

Not yet finished this is the 2nd of more joy Hand stitched arm warmers in shades of grey. A piece of love these gorgeous accessories are perfect for your wardrobe essentials. They brighten up everything or just add a bit of uniqueness to a classic outfit.

from left to right: Organic Cotton Jersey in middle grey marl, purple and white and Cotton Jersey in dark grey and light grey marl

After preparing all the pieces in order and shape you can see the first stage of stitching here, the basic straight stitch which holds the design together. I take care that they leave enough room for the fabric to stretch. 
Look at 50 shades of pink here.

Then I turn the arm warmers to the right side and pin the felled seam (wrong side). 
I have started already with the cross stitch on this one. As it is a small piece to work on it is quite tricky to sew. 

And it is worth it as the finished product is a piece of joy! 

Soon available in my shop.

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