Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Last Call

The giveaway continues for a few more days ... last call to ENTER & win!

Yes, that's it, a few more days and the winner will be announced!
It is i can cu's FIRST Birthday and time to celebrate. 
Very exciting who this Custom Order will be made for, 
stay tuned....

The winner can choose the material and seam colour and size and will receive a very special Custom Order, a Hand stitched favorite Tank Top. All that is left to do is share this giveaway and comment!

Thanks to all friends and supporters!

Happy Birthday!

The coupon code for i can cu's SHOP to celebrate is chocolatecake1
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Enjoy shopping!!!

The winner of the giveaway will be announced on the 1st of July. The coupon code expires on the 8th of July and is valid for purchases over £20. 
Please note that after that i can cu goes on holiday, thank you.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

blowin' in the wind

A Beach Experience

It has been about a week that I have waited to make it to the beach. The car was unavailable, or it was too late or it was raining, or something else was in the way.
Today should have been our 'family' day, which means we try to put work into the background :) but we spent it doing the tax year, which is not very nice in itself but when it is done it is done...anyway, the sun came out, the car was parked in front of the house and the kids helped nanny cooking and we managed to sneak out and drive to the nearest beach about 35 minutes away.
Being sunday afternoon we thought to find the beach heaving and were relieved to find it empty. On the path through the dunes we understood why. A gale was beating us with sand and it was hard to see at all. I got really upset but still as I made it here I wanted to at least see the sea. There was no chance to take the camera out of the bag with the wind full of sand......
But on the beach the sand stopped beating.
It was still rather freezing but determined to finish what we started, we went ahead with the shooting....

Friday, 21 June 2013

Solstice, still Hope

British Summer

Yesterday somebody said to me: Tomorrow is the longest day, from now on it is getting darker and that was summer. It might be British humor or experience but still I love wearing light clothes in this period of the year and even in this country.

So this top just naturally developed. 
The material is a very light almost see through knit. 
It hardly touches 
the body and has especially a lot 
of freedom around the armholes.
The contrasting seams are in a refreshing bright orange, and the bluish grey looks nice combined with a lot of other colours. It is short enough to wear with a skirt and long enough to look nice with some leggings.

I need to make more of these now for my holiday on the continent to prevent frying.

Friday, 14 June 2013

June or April

Meant to be a Summercardi

No matter what kind of summer it is I always love to carry a thin cardigan around with me. I can use it as a pillow for a power-nap on the bench or in air conditioned rooms but also today when I ask myself whether it might be April. Being versatile to mix and match it also needs to look nice even after a day in my bag.

I was flirting with this rib-knit for a while now but never found time to approach it. Somehow avoiding the next project (to get ready to sprint like a cheetah) I grabbed one opportunity and started cutting this fabric and got very excited as I found out I had just enough of it to make this long thin summercardi I had in my head. I chose this material because of its light airy-ness and the color is just right for sunshine and picnics. And there it is with a bit of sunshine between buckets of rain.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

bikini dreams

It was Saturday..

and like through magic I had a babysitter and went to the Swimming Pool. I arrived early enough to organize a member's card, chose a locker and changed. I had forgotten my costume. I went back to the reception and tried my best to find a solution, they even let me ring home as I did not have my phone on me, only to find out that there was no solution but going home. I know I had not slept the last nights due to little people kicking and crying but I was shocked how advanced my sleep deprivation had come. Walking back I really wanted to let go of being annoyed with myself. There I stood in front of the red door ringing the doorbell as I did not bring door keys either. And strangely enough magic lingered on. My mother in law suggested to take the kids to town to see the big ships at the docks. O wow. I had the afternoon off, workout and a nap. 

Tonight I try again. This time I will wear my costume on the way to the Pool. And it is a special one too. I designed a new Hand stitched bikini top and take it to the test. 

It is developed from my Hand stitched Tank Top design. I wanted to have a comfortable feminine top, sexy enough but also secure to survive a session aqua running without worries. 

I hope I succeeded or you will hear me scream.....

Monday, 10 June 2013

i can cu = ONE . . .

i can cu is ONE on the 1st of July!!!!! might be busy but don't miss this:
because of this very special occasion - it is the FIRST birthday 
i can cu decided to spoil you with a Hand stitched favorite Tank Top 
especially made for YOU!
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(more detail here)

Happy Birthday!

See you at i can cu . . .
. . . winner to be announced on the 1st of July!

Thursday, 6 June 2013

infinity - sun and wind

Sunday and How to make A Hand stitched infinity scarf

It was a sunday and quite hot, especially for UK standards. We took the kids on a bike ride through the park to Sudley House. 

We aimed for the tea room and had coffee and apple juice and there I have seen her. A grandmother with her granddaughter and guess what she was wearing on her head to protect herself against the sun. . . the girls jumper! I contained myself with my what other people call Austrianess, for me it is just normal and did not talk about my newest sewing project. But I mentioned it before, I (you?) cannot have enough infinity scarves. 
So here it is the sun and wind version. 

This Hand stitched infinity scarf is made of a light marl grey cotton jersey and you don't want to spend the summer without it. 
Easy in preparation and finish this movie guides you step by step.

If you enjoyed watching this movie please do't forget to share it. Thank you.
♥ handmade