Thursday, 6 June 2013

infinity - sun and wind

Sunday and How to make A Hand stitched infinity scarf

It was a sunday and quite hot, especially for UK standards. We took the kids on a bike ride through the park to Sudley House. 

We aimed for the tea room and had coffee and apple juice and there I have seen her. A grandmother with her granddaughter and guess what she was wearing on her head to protect herself against the sun. . . the girls jumper! I contained myself with my what other people call Austrianess, for me it is just normal and did not talk about my newest sewing project. But I mentioned it before, I (you?) cannot have enough infinity scarves. 
So here it is the sun and wind version. 

This Hand stitched infinity scarf is made of a light marl grey cotton jersey and you don't want to spend the summer without it. 
Easy in preparation and finish this movie guides you step by step.

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