Monday, 10 June 2013

i can cu = ONE . . .

i can cu is ONE on the 1st of July!!!!! might be busy but don't miss this:
because of this very special occasion - it is the FIRST birthday 
i can cu decided to spoil you with a Hand stitched favorite Tank Top 
especially made for YOU!
. . . and the only thing to take part is share this giveaway and comment on this blog
. . . go on . . . be brave and dare to treat yourself with a gorgeous super comfortable Top . . . and it will be one of a kind . . .

(more detail here)

Happy Birthday!

See you at i can cu . . .
. . . winner to be announced on the 1st of July!


  1. Hello! I hope I am the first to comment. Congrats on your one year anniversary. That is very exciting. I really hope to win the super comfy and cute top!!!

  2. Happy birthday!!!! I love relax and I hope to win the top!!!