Sunday, 23 June 2013

blowin' in the wind

A Beach Experience

It has been about a week that I have waited to make it to the beach. The car was unavailable, or it was too late or it was raining, or something else was in the way.
Today should have been our 'family' day, which means we try to put work into the background :) but we spent it doing the tax year, which is not very nice in itself but when it is done it is done...anyway, the sun came out, the car was parked in front of the house and the kids helped nanny cooking and we managed to sneak out and drive to the nearest beach about 35 minutes away.
Being sunday afternoon we thought to find the beach heaving and were relieved to find it empty. On the path through the dunes we understood why. A gale was beating us with sand and it was hard to see at all. I got really upset but still as I made it here I wanted to at least see the sea. There was no chance to take the camera out of the bag with the wind full of sand......
But on the beach the sand stopped beating.
It was still rather freezing but determined to finish what we started, we went ahead with the shooting....


  1. What at least it would have blown all the cobwebs out too! :-)

  2. Sometimes even a windy day at the beach is nice :) I grew up near the ocean and I love it!

  3. ja I made it, you are right, I cannot resist the smell of the sea but there were also some warm moments in the freezing wind which was nice, but sand in a gale on a bare body really hurts..; )