Friday, 14 June 2013

June or April

Meant to be a Summercardi

No matter what kind of summer it is I always love to carry a thin cardigan around with me. I can use it as a pillow for a power-nap on the bench or in air conditioned rooms but also today when I ask myself whether it might be April. Being versatile to mix and match it also needs to look nice even after a day in my bag.

I was flirting with this rib-knit for a while now but never found time to approach it. Somehow avoiding the next project (to get ready to sprint like a cheetah) I grabbed one opportunity and started cutting this fabric and got very excited as I found out I had just enough of it to make this long thin summercardi I had in my head. I chose this material because of its light airy-ness and the color is just right for sunshine and picnics. And there it is with a bit of sunshine between buckets of rain.


  1. Very nice. You are right we never know the weather.

  2. I think I live in cardigans year round :) I am always either hot or cold, so cardigans are nice since I can pull them off or on. I love how it flows out at the bottom, very cute!

  3. thank you,
    ja cardigans are like a 'tent', apart from really comfortable
    I can place the right size of pocket and where I need it, which really helps with all those little distractions... : )
    I have the favorite cardigan pattern now, so when my favorite is falling apart I can reproduce it, or vary in material for each season