Tuesday, 26 February 2013

woolly warm

Fed up with cold!

I must admit I reached the edge of acceptance. I am too cold for too long. My winter wardrobe is actually quite good with some experience of gale attacked islands but at this point of the season my tolerance is very low and I am seriously fed up and permanently dreaming of warm.
Anyway thinking and dreaming did not warm at all so I just made IT and all for myself!!!
The design is the favorite Hand stitched Yoga Tank Top and it is made of some greyish bluey woolly material.

I started it yesterday out of deep freezing frustration and finished it this afternoon and have been warm since, very warm.

Now I am thinking of a long sleeve extension to complete it . . .

Sunday, 24 February 2013

giveaway - excitement, part 1

2000 FB likes and the fun can begin!

I know I am still far away from 2000 FB likes (although I am very proud of my almost 200, thank you!)but there is no reason not to participate in a giveaway-event.
I met Jonua from Paris or she found me? and as soon as her FB page 
reaches 2000 she will start her big giveaway-event.
There will be a lot of vendors participating and all you have to do is 
like and comment and you can win!!!! 
She started promoting these vendors on her blog already, so have a look
what the prizes are that you can win!
To help reach her 2000 FB likes you could participate in another giveaway-event
hosted by Sandy and co-hosted by Jonua and you can win even more!
Find out more on Sandy's FB and Sandy's blog.

Why am I promoting this? 
Because I am one of the vendors at Jonua's giveaway-event 
and you can win these Hand stitched Yoga socks 
made of 100% Organic Cotton jersey! . . . . . to be continued . . 

Sunday, 17 February 2013

a sunday on the beach

Freezing Sunday but cool pictures:   i can cu   on the beach

Sometimes it is just perfect. 
The sun is shining, nanny minds the kids and the car is available. O wow. I was so excited all day to venture to the beach and show off i can cu Hand stitched Yoga wear / fashion in front of a not so patient camera man.

The newest top got finished in time and the selected clothes had to face the iron and were neatly packed into a big bag. Wellies on off we went.
I am so not used to realize plans lately so I was a bit tense all way . . . . .

But no worries. We found some nice dunes, after a bit of moaning because of the sunlight not being on our side and getting used to the blowing wind, the photo shooting started and after a bit we had about 300 pic and I was freezing.
Here is the first pic:

* Hand stitched classic jacket in organic cotton jersey 
* stitched stripy tank top/harmony collection
* Hand stitched Yoga pants in black Organic Cotton/Bamboo Jersey 

Saturday, 16 February 2013

time to vote?

The inkblot in a contest

My Treasury >the inkblot< is taking part in the Treasury contest!!
If you have a minute please vote for it!
many thanks


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

super comfy Yoga pants

Hand stitched Yoga pants in black Organic Cotton/Bamboo Jersey - and super comfy

They are here! The test phase is over and these super comfy Hand stitched Yoga pants are available it the shop now. 
And NEW! you can choose the colour of the contrasting seams to choose in the drop down menu (the crotch-seams stay dark)

These Hand stitched Yoga pants do not have an elastic band but a comfy fabric waist band. This makes them even more comfortable and un-feelable.
They sit snug but are not tight, the cut gives a nice look and feel. The fabric, Organic Cotton/Bamboo, is gorgeous to wear and soft to your skin.

Ideal for Yoga as they give a lot of freedom and are soft but I guess they will be a favorite for every day use.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Spring 4 Liverpool

A bit of spring for Liverpool

Just finished 2 pairs of wrist warmers in the shades variation. These have only 3 colours but wider sections. Don't know but they took ages to finish, probably due to sick kids and lots of ideas and new bamboo/cotton super jersey that arrived and is just waiting in front of my eyes . . .Anyway they are in the shop now here in Liverpool. The shop is an art shop and you can find a lot of gorgeous things there and it also attracts some interesting people. Volunteering there means meeting some of them and enjoying talking to them as well. Really nice when they are interested in Hand stitched fashion and even purchase some!

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Yoga socks ready for their journey

From fabric to packaging

I had a good working day. . .and a very busy one. I prepared a pair of Hand stitched yoga socks 
for their journey and doing that included packaging and screen printing. I happened to have some hours on my own which is a rare occurence and only arises spontaneously and is completely impossible to plan. So I enjoyed myself and only stopped for a brief break for my yoga set and a snack.
My working day has not finished yet but for now I will devote myself to my family . . .