Sunday, 17 February 2013

a sunday on the beach

Freezing Sunday but cool pictures:   i can cu   on the beach

Sometimes it is just perfect. 
The sun is shining, nanny minds the kids and the car is available. O wow. I was so excited all day to venture to the beach and show off i can cu Hand stitched Yoga wear / fashion in front of a not so patient camera man.

The newest top got finished in time and the selected clothes had to face the iron and were neatly packed into a big bag. Wellies on off we went.
I am so not used to realize plans lately so I was a bit tense all way . . . . .

But no worries. We found some nice dunes, after a bit of moaning because of the sunlight not being on our side and getting used to the blowing wind, the photo shooting started and after a bit we had about 300 pic and I was freezing.
Here is the first pic:

* Hand stitched classic jacket in organic cotton jersey 
* stitched stripy tank top/harmony collection
* Hand stitched Yoga pants in black Organic Cotton/Bamboo Jersey 


  1. Nice shirt! & pretty photograph

  2. Thank you Julia for your feedback, very much appreciated!