Sunday, 24 February 2013

giveaway - excitement, part 1

2000 FB likes and the fun can begin!

I know I am still far away from 2000 FB likes (although I am very proud of my almost 200, thank you!)but there is no reason not to participate in a giveaway-event.
I met Jonua from Paris or she found me? and as soon as her FB page 
reaches 2000 she will start her big giveaway-event.
There will be a lot of vendors participating and all you have to do is 
like and comment and you can win!!!! 
She started promoting these vendors on her blog already, so have a look
what the prizes are that you can win!
To help reach her 2000 FB likes you could participate in another giveaway-event
hosted by Sandy and co-hosted by Jonua and you can win even more!
Find out more on Sandy's FB and Sandy's blog.

Why am I promoting this? 
Because I am one of the vendors at Jonua's giveaway-event 
and you can win these Hand stitched Yoga socks 
made of 100% Organic Cotton jersey! . . . . . to be continued . . 

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