Thursday, 14 March 2013

urban i can cu

i can cu - Hand stitched Yoga wear and Street fashion . . . 

I can't believe, the second photo shooting this year and it is absolutely freezing again. I did not expect the beach to be warm but it looked really nice today. . .

We ventured to the Park not far away with a handful of i can cu's clothes to show i can cu as casual wear. 
The whole point behind i can cu is a different feel on your body. Of course you really want to be comfortable doing Yoga and I guess you are more aware of your body doing so but why should you feel good only doing Yoga and not all day long, every day?

Actually all of the (especially for Yoga designed) Yoga wear looks stunning combined with your daily outfit. And you might want to take your infinity scarf or woolly jacket to Yoga to be warm while tuning in or relaxing . . . 

The dress is on the go and soon part of the collection too!

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