Friday, 15 March 2013

A dress on spring strike

Why does it take soooo long?

I feel like slowly awakening, I have no idea from what exactly, but the last weeks were tough with on and off sick family members and disturbed nights and working days to dream of. 

But then I spent the last 2 days in the studio and moved a big step forward. (Ah I almost forgot these 2 days also included the photo shooting - urban i can cu; wow, sometimes I am amazed what i can or cannot fit into one day.) 

The Proto type is finished (the 3 pics to the right), the pattern refined and the black Organic Hand stitched Dress (to the left) cut and pinned! 

I guess this fragmented working experience made it all take even longer and probably I am indirectly striking for warmer days too. But I also dedicated a lot of attention to the cut and pattern. I wanted the dress to be simple but feminine, cut to figure but also allow a natural change of waistline and keeping a good wearing comfort. (I still want to feel feminine and look good even if had some ice cream.)

The seams are at the back and at the front and give a nice eye-catcher. The lack of seams on the sides allow the dress to drape nicely around your sides. The dress remains rather short for now.

The plum/purple Organic Cotton Jersey Hand stitched tunic in comparison has a more flattering style and is much shorter ( . . and is on SALE too at the moment), if you want to take a look in my shop.

So spring, where are you?

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