Saturday, 16 March 2013

Space 4 NEW ideas

A big clearance - Hand stitched Tunic Top for only £ 34.50!

Well, spring is supposedly here any minute and with it a lot of new energy and ideas. Catching this refreshing wave i can cu starts a new event from now on:
Space 4 NEW ideas - everything has to go!

How does it work?
Simply type DISCOUNT50 in the 'coupon code' box at the checkout 
and you get 50% off! The first item that is 50% off is this 
gorgeous Hand stitched tunic Minimal art in Harmony - Hand stitched grey Tunic Top, simply catchy for only £34.50!

If you would like to buy this special Hand stitched tunic - it is UNIQUE! - use DISCOUNT50 at the checkout. (Only valid for this Hand stitched tunic!)

This extra Hand stitched tunic is very comfortable and very feminine. The tunic has only one seam and at the front, which makes it even more comfortable. Wear a piece of statement jewellery with this hand stitched tunic and you are ready to go on a date. This is the ONLY ONE made and in size M. 

Please share this, so the next gorgeous item can go on offer!

See you at i can cu!!!!!


  1. Wow, what a great deal! Unfortunately I'm a large! -another reason to lose weight, lol. I will share this post!

  2. Thank you Julia! ♥ That is supernice of you!
    I am afraid, I do not offer a lot in different sizes at the moment and only upon request, another reason for space 4 NEW ideas! ;)
    All my items have flat un-stretched measurements in the description
    along with the stretchiness to help with sizes.
    Most of the designs are developed to have a feminine cut
    but allow natural waistline changes which means they fit a range of sizes.
    (That does not apply to sleeves.)

    If you are interested have a look at this plum Organic Cotton tunic. It has a flattering feminine style and this Organic Cotton Jersey is soft and very stretchy, my absolute favorite so far!