Sunday, 17 November 2013

Auditions and a Hoodie

Warming news from the attic

Sometimes I really regret that I have turned on the computer during my working day. I get distracted and consequently lost and that is what I ended up watching last night: x got talent

Anyway, after seeing lots of auditions were you could never guess what you will hear I felt even more excited that my hoodie turned out so nicely.

I like hoodies, they are great to hide in. But usually the hood is very small and when I turn I have the feeling I am being slightly strangled when I twist my head. 

The one I have just created was developed out of the woolly vest mentioned earlier. It is a gorgeous versatile piece this vest, light and very warming. But I forgot that it is getting even colder and I have the wish to hibernate also indoors, mainly after I have brought the kids to bed and I am half asleep myself or when the heating gets randomly turned off.....

Obsessed with simplicity I had to fiddle about quite some time to solve this puzzle. The vest was created with a panel who's  size is determined by half of the body width. For the length I took all material I had. I used the edge of the woolly fabric so there would be no need to sew a hem. 

This time I have included the hoodie in this panel. I marked the position of the shoulders and tucked the bottom of the hood in, creating two pleats. The hood is wide but also vanishes when not used. 

This fabric is warm and light and very nice to wear. Sadly I have used it all now and after loosing my favorite cardigan to the fairies I hope this one will stay longer with me.

I really have to go now ........

Friday, 8 November 2013

Woolly Vest for a Cool Land


I like cool but this is definitely too cool for me. 
As always I understand things much later than they occur, so I wonder how long until I understand what am I doing in this country? I know I have a family here. But if this is the only reason then it is really time to grab them and find a warmer home.

Remember last winter? I froze half of it and then I made those woolly tops and wondered why I did not think of making them earlier. This year I am much cleverer, I started wearing this gorgeously warm layer already in autumn! I love it. The only thing is, wearing a cardigan or jacket on top, they don't reveal any of my nice Hand stitched Tops.

Somehow I do not own any jumpers. I have one but it is made of thick Organic Bamboo Jersey and I occasionally wear it but it is more a large sweater. I think it is because I don't like thick layers and love to move freely. But it is very cold at the moment. Cardigans are nice but too warm in the house and not enough freedom on the move.

So instead of finishing what I need to finish today I thought there is enough time to squeeze in a new prototype. And this is it, made of two pieces it is warm and light and I have lots of freedom. 

And: this Hand stitched Woolly Vest drapes nicely around any Hand stitched Top I am wearing underneath. I am off to continue my work, but might sew some pockets on later.

To warmer days!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Stuck and a Rug

A Bouncy Castle is not all

It would be great if all would just work out, now. But then again I have learnt so often that delay can be much better. Knowing that, it doesn't make the path I am walking any easier.
 I have taken my oldest son to a Fancy Dress Party and I will confess I have to practice this. From choosing a costume, although this was not too bad, to actually going there. Little girls can scream very loud and pitchy and conversation would not flow easily after a sleepless night and a very early start. But there was a bouncy castle and pink cake and all went well. But arriving at home I could not let the day end with a bouncy castle. Sewing was no choice as I could have fallen asleep standing but also because the kids had still a lot of energy that needed to be channeled. But I could gather all the too small T-Shirts together and make a yarn out of them and start crocheting with my handmade mega hook.

Sad tha all is stuck at the moment, as it feels so great to create what I want to create but also excited to finally make the  bathroom mat I could not find anywhere.

And it is so extremely super soft!

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Travel Sewing Kit

Where are you going?

This was the question my husband asked when I showed him my new Hand Stitched Travel Sewing Kit. The answer was sadly, nowhere.
My head is spinning, there is the collection that wants to be finished and presented, there are 2 books to study more sewing and pattern making techniques that want to be worked through and there is already a new project that I want to realize. I could not make up my mind of what to do first, so I had a cup of tea and decided to make a Hand Stitched Travel Sewing Kit. 

Where am I traveling to? Well, I am fed up with thinking of where to put the magnet, especially not next to the computer and also the threads and pins got tangled up. I wanted to make one in the very beginning when I started sewing by hand. But the design wasn't mine and I also questioned the practical value of the design. 
This version is not much designed and thought through but it suits my needs. The scissors are secured, the threads held in place and the sewing needles are in a separate location from the pins.
It needed to be very small in case I really travel as I have to give up any space in a suitcase for toys and extra clothes for boys. I also did not want to have to extra pad it so I put a layer of felt around it. It is made out of a too small T-shirt of the boys and some leftover materials and it is easy to close with a strip of jersey.

So were am I traveling to? From my studio to the living room, to nanny's television room and probably sometimes to the park.