Friday, 12 April 2013

some holiday

Beach hopping

Still recovering of various stages of coughs and colds and trying to boost the system, I must say the beach is my favorite and most effective destination and I have seen quite some during the last week. Apart from being far away and blowy, Scotland is a dream and I love returning, especially now as my friends settled down up there. The kids run free and equipped with beach tools they build and throw and sleep and I love watching their faces.

I always take way too much to do on my holiday and I return slightly disappointed but that lasts only for a minute. I am working at the moment on a new way of assembling and therefor a different experience of seams and I managed to finish a tank top just in time to take on holiday and to test in blowy terrain and another long sleeve top had a chance to see the light after some scottish nights! I am not sure yet where to go with this but it feels good and is even lighter and more comfortable! 
We are back now, confused with beauty and fresh air 
and ready for a new season. . .

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