Thursday, 18 April 2013

2 steps forward . . .

. . and some Hand stitched Tops for ME!

The good thing about test and preparation phases is that MY wardrobe expands. Otherwise - well. I have to confess I am impatient. But actually that is not completely true, I think I am so very excited and want to see the outcome - especially this one, so I get impatient about things and their own timing. 
At the moment I feel like a tiger in a zoo trying to get out. I cannot move right now, I wait, have coffee and finish my newly graded tops. 

Waiting is actually only annoying when I resist it and that is why I am writing this blog post. I had coffee already twice, the kids are out and I am enjoying the different setting. 

It is not the working day I had planned. 

But there will be another one and I might get some steps closer next time. . . exciting! Stay tuned.

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