Sunday, 13 January 2013

50 shades II

50 shades of grey - Hand stitched unique arm warmers in shades of grey+

Not yet finished this is the 2nd of more joy Hand stitched arm warmers in shades of grey. A piece of love these gorgeous accessories are perfect for your wardrobe essentials. They brighten up everything or just add a bit of uniqueness to a classic outfit.

from left to right: Organic Cotton Jersey in middle grey marl, purple and white 
and Cotton Jersey in dark grey and light grey marl

After preparing all the pieces in order and shape you can see the first stage of stitching here, the basic straight stitch which holds the design together. I take care that they leave enough room for the fabric to stretch. 
Look at 50 shades of pink here.

Then I turn the arm warmers to the right side and pin the felled seam (wrong side). 
I started already with the cross stitch on this one. As it is a small piece to work on it is quite tricky to sew. 

And it is worth it as the finished product is a piece of joy! 

Soon in my shop available.

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