Sunday, 6 April 2014

After the Blue Phase


I hope I have finished the Blue Phase now! 

Winter is fading so I dare to believe and the light has changed, and to fight dullness I made a range of blue Tops. I don't really like to wear black. Although people still associate this colour with me probably because I had a very Black Phase a very very long time ago, it stuck to their mind. Even though it was followed by a White Phase and then a very colourful period.....

I seem to start working on my working days and as soon I am busy time is over. I understand that I have to corporate with my family life but it is like everything in my life at the moment. There is a thought or I start something and in a blink I am taken out and have to do something else. Normal for this stage of life, I still struggle with it and it keeps me feeling fragmented. A good challenge to still get things done, time efficiency is required and concentration. Which brings me back to my Blue Phase. I lack all of it. And chocolate is one of my dearest friend at the moment...oh.

There are only 2 more unfinished tops waiting to be made which feels much better than a pile and I decided to do some other very practical things today. Starting with a hairbandYou might think that is boring.  But to wear your hair all day long with an uncomfortable hairband only leaves you with headache and a very bad mood. And although I went through my whole workspace and did a spring clean at the same time (actually quite efficient!) I cannot find my one and only so comfortable hairband anymore. Ridiculous, it takes about 5 minutes to make and I only had one? Made of the edge of lycra - I love using leftovers - it is very elastic but still maintains enough stretch to keep my bun where I want to have it all day long without headache or broken hair.
Next on the list are undies and a bra but I won't go into anymore detail....... Ready for a long long Easter Holiday.......


  1. Whatever it is you're doing so far has been wonderful! Oh, and tell chocolate I said hello :)

  2. Thanks so much for your support Charlene! X t