Friday, 17 May 2013

The Cross Stitch - a movie behind the scene

How to sew a Cross Stitch by hand - I can cu at work / meditation

As hard as editing in detail is as much calmness it spread in this case. 
While I am sewing I am not thinking. And if a thought comes up I usually make an error. And I love this. The best results come from an empty mind just in flow with a rhythm.

So in this state this movie was created and while editing I had to bring myself back to cutting and not drifting away in a cross stitch.

This movies explains How to sew a Cross Stitch (Herringbone Stitch), from start to finish, involves loops, knots and continuation with a new thread. 

I hope this film helps using this fantastic stitch, for mending, creating or just an eye-catcher.
Thank you for watching.

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