Monday, 27 May 2013

Quick & Easy Hairband

Gentle to your hair and very easy to make - a Hand stitched Hairband

Reproducing one of my latest projects over and over again, I had to think about how to use the leftovers of this gorgeous bamboo cotton jersey. This was not hard because I really don't like hairbands I can get in the supermarket and I don't want to scout for good ones.... and I always loose mine or rather spread them in unknown places. Just to demonstrate the cross stitch better I used white material for the movie.

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So this is what you need:
.stretchy jersey with lots of cotton in it so it won't be too slippery
.a plastic ruler
.a rotary cutter
.buttonhole thread
.a needle (sharps no4)
.some thin pins
.fabric scissors

.. preparation
Depending how you will use your hairband, determine a size that suits your needs.
With your rotary cutter cut a strip of about 4 cm width (but try also 3 or 2 cm, it depends on the size of your hairband and the thickness of your jersey) and the desired length along the grain line. Include 1 cm overlap in your strip and pin the overlapped ends (1 cm).

. . sewing
Thread your needle, make one single knot at the edge and about 7 mm higher up make a double knot.
Loop your thread around the edge and come up making the first bottom part of your Cross Stitch. Sew the Cross Stitch all along tip you reached the other edge, loop around it make a double knot close to the fabric and a single knot about 7 mm further away and trim.

Now you can pull you hairband and stretch it which makes the edges curl up, tuck in the area where the seam is.


To be repeated in bigger or smaller sizes or thinner width and very useful to make it in the size that fits around your wrist........

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