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DIY Hand stitched infinity scarf

DIY Hand stitched infinity scarf / head band / necklace / accessories / emergency scarf for freezing kids . . .

I don't think I have enough infinity scarves. My first Hand stitched infinity scarf was made out of a bit of scrap material. I found a piece of cashmere knit exactly the right size to fit twice around my head. The material (rectangle) was longer along the grain line which was fine for me because it stretches less this way and is perfect for a headband that keeps its shape.
So that is how my infinity scarf production started and I adapted it in many different ways. One for example is made out of the leftovers of an Organic Cotton jersey top I made and turned into a scarf with lots of necklaces. Another one is made of a warm knit and a bit wider so I can pull it over my head and it is very warming and cozy. . . So if you would like to stitch your own infinity scarf by hand, 
this is what you need:
. Fabric - anything that does not fray but stretches
. Cutting Matt
. Rotary Knife (optional)
. Plastic Ruler
. Milward Sharps Needle No4
. Gutermann Top Stitch Thread in colour(s) of your choice
. Thin Pins
. Embroidery Scissors
. Fabric Scissors

First decide what shape your infinity scarf should have. This project demonstrates a thinner version, that serves as a headband but also a necklace or scarf. 
The width should fit twice around your head, add about 1.5cm for seam allowance. The height is about 33cm but again decide what suits your purpose. The grain line runs with the length of the rectangle.

Then pin the (shorter) edges (pic 2).
I usually fold the material so the wrong side is inside and the felled seam you will create will be outside. The reason for this: When you wear the scarf it twists and so when the inside is visible it looks neat and still attractive and the seam being placed on the outside gives another element to look at (pic 5+6).

Make 1 knot at the very end (about 2mm away from the edge) to prevent fraying and then about 1cm higher make 2 knots in the same place to fixate your thread at the start.(The double knot in the same place might take a bit of practice)

(fot the knot also see http://icancu4more.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/diy-hand-stitched-wash-bag.html) 

Start stitching. I loop the first stitch around to the back and up very close to the first hole which seems to give it more hold. Then sew in a straight line a straight stitch. 
The stitches should have a nice rhythm. Too wide leaves a gap, too narrow might ruin the fabric. When you reached the end run your finger along the stitching from the beginning to the end to find the right tension between fabric and thread. Too tight and the fabric looses its stretch, too loose and the thread makes loops. 

Finish as you started. Loop the last stitch around to the front and down next to the same hole, make a double knot in the same place (on the wrong side) by using your nail and a single knot further away, trim the thread. Ideally both knots the first one and the last one are on the same side.

Pin the seams to the side where your knots are (so they will hide under the seam). Thread your needle, it is nice to use a contrasting colour for this eye-catching cross stitch. 
The start is the same as for the straight stitch by looping your thread around the edge. Come up next to the loop and make the first bottom part of the cross stitch, the needle should come up at the same distance from the edge as the stitch that came up next to the loop. The top part is exactly the same as the bottom part but moved to the right and you come up at the same distance from the edge as the last stitch that came up on the bottom. . . Keep your top and bottom parts of your cross stitch in a line so your stitch looks regular with a nice rhythm. In the last pic you can see the wrong side. 
End as you started by creating a loop that goes to the back right next to the last stitch. Knot off and trim.

And now you can also watch The movie for making a Hand stitched infinity scarf:
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