Thursday, 23 May 2013

How to Make a Headband

How to Make a useful Headband - very easy & versatile

This Headband is a must have for my comfort and daily life. Whether working, dancing or on the bike I don't want my hair in the way but I need something soft and gentle to hold it in place. I found this version very useful:

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What you need
.stretchy soft jersey with lots of cotton or it will be too slippery
.a plastic ruler
.a rotary cutter
.buttonhole thread
.a needle (sharps no4)
.some thin pins
.fabric scissors
.tailor's chalk

. . preparation
Determine the size you need with a strip of your material (cut along the grain line) and mark it with a pin. I usually make it a tick smaller because the fabric will give, but not too tight to keep it comfortable. Add 1 cm for overlap and cut a rectangle of 10 cm width (across the grain line) and the desired length of your headband (along the grain line)

Using tailor's chalk mark a line 9 cm away from the edge and across the grain line. Repeat on the other side. The area between those lines will be cut into strips.

Cut along the grain line from marked line to marked line leaving a 2 cm spacing between these strips. The strips make it more adjustable and it looks lighter and is also decorative.

. . sewing
Pin the edges overlapping 1 cm and thread your needle. Make a single knot close to the edge and a double knot about 7 mm further up. Start sewing a Cross Stitch by looping the thread around the edge first. Do this a second time and the space between these loops will determine the height of the Cross Stitch. 

Come up and make the first bottom part of your Cross Stitch. Continue all the way to the other edge, finish with two loops, a double knot close to the fabric and a single knot 7 mm further away. Trim.

Stretch the headband and make the strips curl up and it is ready to use.

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