Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentine's Cardi

Love to you - Copy and Paste 

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

We do not do this Valentine thing as according to my dear love it is a consumer thing. Honestly I am lucky if we do birthdays or Christmas...... But I DO THIS, so I woke him up with a cappuccino made with extra love and shared my love to him as well. The answer I got was: Ditto, copy and paste. Well I guess it was early and he might have been still dreaming.....
The day itself did not start too good either, even before that, I spare you the details of kids and making a mess, but somehow I am in a very good mood.

Probably because it is my working day today and I have done already so much as I started working last night. Sometimes I have so much in my head that I cannot stop standing by my doll (tailor's dummy). I love creating live and enjoy that I have learnt so much already. So only a few hours later and I designed a long sleeve top, a T-shirt and a cardigan. I mentioned it before I cannot have too many cardigans, especially because my favorite got blown away and I haven't made a new favorite until now......(actually that is a lie, this hooded cardigan was my dearest companion for the last freezing weeks, ah months)

The grey cardi is made of a wool mix in grey, a very light fabric. It has one seam at the back. At the front it is closed with two upcycled mega press studs. It has a hint of a cowl neck collar which looks quite interesting. The cut is figure fit, not too tight and as the studs are somewhere in the middle, the bottom of the cardigan drapes open. The contrasting seams are red. I love it already!



  1. LOVE your color choices for the new cardigan, wonderful! My youngest son feels the same way about Valentine's day as your hubby. He says it's all about Hallmark and how much $$$ they can make.

    It has a different meaning for me. My hubby and I got married on that day 31 years ago so it is a little more special for me.

    Hope you're having a great day and thanks so much for sharing your new cardigan!

  2. Thank you Charlene! Happy Anniversary!