Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Highlights, Lowlights, Obesession & Bra-less

Happy New Year!

We did our Highlights and Lowlights of 2013, it seems very short this last year - very busy, a lot of experimenting, set backs and successes. I am happy to let go of 13 and stand tall for 14.

I had to post this new, old project again, sorry about that. But the bra issue is a very important one to me and I think I might have solved it, but I cannot promise not to continue to experiment in this matter. 

No impact fashion means that I do not feel what I am wearing. The first time I noticed the opposite was when I felt sick of wearing jeans as they squeezed my tummy. Not only that but I found the seams bulky and painful on the body. I could continue with shoes and so on... My conclusion is I do not want to feel anything I am wearing at all. Fashion should gently sculpt around me and support my body if required and look good, preferably in an organic Cotton or Bamboo Jersey.

So the bra saga needed to be continued, as the last one, the bratank could not maintain position while exercising. To solve this is quite a task as I still refuse to use an elastic band to hold the position. I tried darts but apart from not doing anything they disturb the simpleness and do not add to good looks.

So this approach is completely different. The straps are cut in an angle and I subtracted the darts that would be in the front on the sides and additionally also on the back which gives this Hand stitched bra-less a strong V-shape. The length is the middle way between bra and bratank, long enough to include strong movement. 
The V acts as elastic band as the slight tension helps keeping the position. Still only one seam at the back, I decided to fold the hem over instead of adding it in form of a strip of Jersey.

Much more sophisticated but also simpler than all versions prior to this one, this bra-less is in test phase and feels perfect. As I said, I might not end my bra journey here but this is it for this Year.

Happy New Year, thanks for reading, supporting and participating.

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