Sunday, 13 January 2013

DIY packaging 4 your gift

Create packaging for light gifts and get familiar with stitching by hand

I thought it is a nice thing to make: some packaging made by yourself and sewn by hand. It is a good start if you are new to sewing by hand. You can also experiment with different materials. . . make it yourself and find instructions here.

Create packaging for light gifts and get familiar with stitching by hand

What you need:
. A cutting matt
. A paper cutting knife
. A plastic ruler (sew easy metric sew square)
. Some of your kids IKEA paper roll.
Or any other stronger paper that you can fold nicely and is not as stiff as ordinary copy paper (too heavy paper would break when you fold it unless you make a groove first)
. Buttonhole thread in a colour of your choice. (Gutermann Top Stitch Thread)
. A needle that has an eye big enough for your thread (Milward Sharps no4)
. optional a pen to write onto your packaging (edding calligraphy pen 2.0)

Measure your gift and add on the left and right side about 1cm each for your stitching (if it is thicker a bit more).
The length needs to be double the length of your gift, if it is thicker add a bit in length plus about a third of the length of your gift for the triangle flap to fold over.
(So 2x gift length + a bit (if it is thicker) + 1/3 gift length to fold over)

When you have cut the paper fold it over after the first gift length which makes the bottom of your packaging and try whether your gift is likely to fit in after sewing the edges (I just mention this because of my own experience).

Cut your thread, make it much longer than 2x gift length.
Thread your needle.
Make 1 knot at the very end (about 2mm away from the edge) to prevent fraying and then about 1cm higher make 2 knots in the same place to fixate your thread at the start.
(The double knot in the same place might take a bit of practice)

Start stitching from the top. I loop the first stitch around to the back and up through the same hole which seems to give it more hold)
Then sew in a straight line a straight stitch. You can do this by turning your paper over each time you go through the paper to see where the next stitch should be. (Too close stitches rip the paper, too wide ones leave a gap. The stitches should have a nice rhythm.)

Finish as you started: loop over to the back through the same hole, make 2 knots in the same place close to the paper and one single one about 1cm further away. Ideally both knots are on the same side. If you don't mark the wholes in the first place just adapt the length of your stitches going towards the end.
Cut your thread 2mm away from the last knot.

Repeat on the other side.

Cut the triangle by dividing the top in half and cutting to each top corner.

If you want to write a message on your packaging do it before you put in your gift, keeping the triangle flap in mind. As this wrapping is made of paper don't touch it too much as it might leave your gift wrap creased. If you want hold the triangle flap in place with some glue stick.


  1. I love this! Out of all the Etsy orders that I've placed, I've only bought from one seller that did her packaging like this, and it's really special. Plus, the kids thought it was really cool. We kept the bags too!

    1. Thank you a lot - I appreciate your nice feedback,
      especially as it is my first one too.
      x tina